Does Music Affect Your Writing?

The Write Now Podcast with Sarah Werner recently examined this common question in Episode 53. She explores how curated music can influence your mood and, in turn, influence your writing.

She cites several articles and resources that further explores this concept:

The Write Now podcast is full of writing wisdom and, speaking of sound, Sarah’s soothing voice often makes me feel calm when I’m overwhelmed with information or writing projects. I always have music going when I work and I’ll show you how you can try it too!

Spotify vs Pandora

I started out as a Pandora loving music listener, but the often repetitive ads would break my concentration. So my husband upgraded his Premium Spotify plan ($9.99 per month) to a Family plan ($14.99 per month for up to five additional users) and I started my account. I love that don’t have to share an account, but we can still follow each other, see what we’re listening to, and follow each other’s playlists. I love the personalized playlist and recommendations based on my listening history, and the Mood playlists feel more current than the options on Pandora. I have built several playlists of my favorite songs and you can too! You don’t have to use a premium subscription to build a playlist, but no commercial interruptions are important to me.

How to Build a Spotify Playlist on the Desktop App

  1. Tap Spotify-More-Button the at the end of the song title
  2. Select Add to Playlist from the drop down that appearsSpotify-More-Drop-Down-Menu
  3. Select the playlist you would like to add the song to or create a new playlist.Spotify-Create-a-New-Playlist

Pro Tip: Add emojis to your playlist titles for quick reference!

Check out Sarah’s podcast.


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