3 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Work Area

I put off creating a room of my own for several years. I had many, many excuses. Some valid, some completely ridiculous. Everything from our home or apartment was too small, or the office furniture was too expensive, or the couch and tray table was working just fine! Any of that sound familiar to you? When I finally did create my own space, I noticed three benefits immediately. Continue reading “3 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Work Area”

Two Social Media Tips from Krista Neher

Krista Neher of Boot Camp Digital shared 7 Biggest Social Media Mistakes at 2016’s SummitUp marketing conference. (Don’t worry, you can apply for the free training online!) I’ve seen nonprofits make all seven mistakes, but there’s two changes I made right away to my social media posts at my nonprofit job.

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When Personal and Nonprofit Brands Intersect

Building a recognizable brand for your nonprofit is a significant challenge but an important step in solidifying your donor base and your visibility both in the digital world and in your community. But how much that do you as a nonprofit professional give to building your own personal brand?

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Jarrett Gucci’s 20/30 Rule

Jarrett Gucci, from WP Fix It, initally came across as idealistic at WordCamp Dayton 2016.

How could I, a busy nonprofit professional really take time to make 20 post in 30 days?! The benefits seem immense, particularly for SEO, an area in which my nonprofit employer struggles.

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