Side Hustle Pro Podcast: Why You Need to Focus on One Side Hustle at a Time

On March 1, 2017, the Side Hustle Pro podcast, Episode 39 completely changed my perspective on my freelance writing business.

I’d been listening to the Nicaila Matthews’ Podcast and enjoyed hearing the stories of dynamic black business women. Nicaila’s professional experience spans the landscape of digital marketing from her MBA from the University of Michigan to working for Google, MTV, and more.  She currently works as NPR’s Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing in addition to creating the “first and only podcast to spotlight bold black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business.” You should absolutely subscribe and weekly expand how many successful black entrepreneurs you know about at

In Episode 39, called “Why You Need to Focus on One Side Hustle at a Time,” Nicaila explains why you need to narrow your niche to be effective.

While I wasn’t planning on starting multiple businesses, I was trying to market myself as the swiss army knife of marketing communications. My portfolio listed everything from design, to website management, public speaking… I was terrified I would miss a client opportunity if I limited my services. The result? I had NO clients. At all. None.

Nicaila lays out on the episode why I had no clients, why I felt so overwhelmed, and why I couldn’t generate leads. She emphasizes the need to specialize and not dabble, how selecting your niche makes marketing yourself easier, and that narrowing your focus doesn’t mean you won’t ever get to pursue your other endeavors.

“We all want to be Oprah…” Nicaila says. “But we can’t do it unless we put one foot in front of the other.”

Once I took her advice everything seemed to fall into place. My website became focused and easier to navigate. I knew exactly who I wanted my ideal client to be and I could research where to find them.

I started following the Side Hustle Pro podcast in February and now know about amazing women like Christine Llewellyn the Founder of Christine Joy Design, Jocelyn Delk Adams the Founder of Grandbaby Cakes, makeup artist Tiyana Robinson, and more. I’ve also sent my first invoices and received payments from my first clients.

I’m so thankful Nicaila is owning her niche and is encouraging other people to own theirs.

Don’t forget to subscribe!


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