Should I hire a freelance writer or a marketing firm?

Marketing firms and ad agencies are good at what they do and are often great clients for freelance writers. But if you need something like website content, social media posts, or solicitation letters or anything else with a heavy emphasis on writing, you will save time when you hire me directly.

You will also save money when you hire a specialist like me. Ad agencies’ rates include overhead costs that will be higher than mine. Many agencies don’t keep in-house writers, but ask their clients for the copy or hire a writer like me, adding to my rate.

Why should I hire you over another freelance writer?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to years of writing experience, I’ve managed Marketing Communications for brands since 2015. Most recently, I created and implemented marketing plans that grew the social media following by 36% and increased private donations 23% in one year. I look forward to helping you achieve similar success with your project!

What types of writing do you provide?

I specialize in marketing content for business to consumer (B2C) businesses. This includes website content, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, and more. My portfolio displays examples of my recent work.

Who are your clients?

My clients are primarily business to consumer focused. Social service agencies, insurance benefits consultants, and financial planners are some of my most recent clients.

What do you charge for freelance writing?

Pricing is typically by the hour and is completely customizable for your budget. I’ll send you a contract with the details of your project so we can negotiate what works for you.

What is your typical process for working with a new client? Do you provide a quote?

We’ll start with a 15-minute free consultation via phone or online. If you’re near Dayton, Ohio, we can even meet for coffee! 

After the initial consultation, I’ll send you a fully personalized contract to serve as a quote with details like deliverables, cost per hour, and a timeline for your project. We’ll both sign the contract and get started!

I’ll send your invoice via email with a link to securely pay online through PayPal or by company check.

Please note, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay through PayPal using a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

What questions should I think through before talking to you?

When you contact me, we’ll talk through your project in detail. Two of the most important questions I’ll ask are 1) who is your audience and 2) who are your competitors.

In what form will you submit your writing?

I’ll provide the copy to you in MS Word sent via email or by Google Doc sent by email.  If it needs to be placed into a brochure, onto a product label, or into a website, your designer/developer will handle that function.

What happens if I don’t like the first draft?

I always include at least one round of revisions in the initial scope of work. That’s what first drafts are for! Your feedback helps me know exactly what you want and gets the second draft just right.

Some projects evolve.  They start one way, then grow in scope. How do you handle this?

I provide a contract on the project based upon the parameters we discuss.  If the parameters change or the scope grows during the project, then I’ll talk with you about adjusting the budget accordingly. This will include signing a contract to cover the new work.

Will you be able to write for me without experience in my field?

Absolutely! I’ll take the time to become familiar with your business, jargon, and industry, but that is not too large of a task. I enjoy doing research and will learn quickly. No matter the business, the same basic marketing principles apply. I will adapt them to your unique needs.

What if I already have something and I just need editing?

I would love to look at what you have! I’ll give you recommendations for improvement and a quote for editing. If the writing doesn’t need editing, I won’t charge.

If I hire you to write for me, who owns that copy?

Everything I do is custom, but in all my contracts I explicitly state that you own the finished product. You own the copyright on any copy that you’ve hired me to write for you. I’ll never give it to anyone else and you can use it any way that you’d like.

What should I do for the design aspects of my project?

I am happy to recommend talented professionals to assist you with the design. If you hire me to write your website, for example, I’ll connect you to a talented web designer/developer/programmer.  If I’m writing the copy for your brochure, I can bring in a graphic designer for the layout and production. I’ve worked with the professionals I recommend in the past and I have complete faith in their abilities and dedication to producing only quality work.

How do I hire you?

Let’s talk! Send me a message today about your project. Together, we’ll work out a plan that fits your unique needs. You don’t need to commit to anything before I’ve put together a contract we’re ready to sign.